Kadiyanlena Ella (Ketabula Ella)

An attractive waterfall in Nawalapitiya

This is a very attractive waterfall located closer to Nawalapitiya. You have to travel about 10 km in Nawalapitiya – Thalawakelle road to spot this beauty.

The waterfall cascades as three stages. The road goes over a three arches bridge above the third part of the waterfall. Therefore you can see only upper two parts of the waterfall from the road. But there is a path to descend to the tea plantations about 100 m before the bridge where you can try to have a better view of the waterfall in its full height.

The name Kadiyanlena derived from the name of the village where the waterfall is located. It is also call as Ketabula Ella due to the name of the nearby tea estate.