Arawakumbura Ella

This waterfall is located about 3 km away from the Lunugala town towards Bibile. When travelling from Badulla, Passara to Bibile this waterfall can be reached after passing the Lunugala town. But even though it is situated very much closer to the main road the waterfall is not much visible to the read since it is covered by trees. But there is a name board in the read where you can locate the place. From the main road (A5) you have to cross a private land to have a better view of this waterfall. It has a height of more than 40 m. It is known as “Punchi Dunhinda” as well by the villages remembering the famous Dunhinda waterfall. The good news is, it is very much rich is water even during a drought. Therefore we can see a misty beauty with this waterfall something similar in that famous Dunhinda waterfall.

The source of this waterfall is Ibban Oya which is a branch of Gal Oya.

You can easily reach the top of the waterfall by following the path starts from the road. It is also possible to have a safe bath about 20 m before the starting point of the waterfall where the villages used to have bath. But the top of the waterfall is extremely dangerous and pleas avoid going to the edge of it. The slippery rocks would not allow you to keep your control.