Diyaluma Waterfall

Second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka

This is a very popular waterfall in Sri Lanka. It has a height of 220 m becoming the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

This waterfall is located in Koslanda nearby the Beragala – Wellawaya main road. You have to travel 23 km from Beragala junction to see this giant waterfall. Since it is very closer to the main road it is possible to have a better view from the main road. Unfortunately this waterfall become very thin when the area is not having a better rainfall.

The water streat which creates this waterfall is known as Punagala Oya, which is a branch of Kirindi Oya. There is another waterfall known as Uda Diyaluma which is located above this waterfall. But it is not visible to the main road and required to travel to the upper area of the Diyaluma Waterfall via Punagala estate. It is not much easy journey since that road is not in good condition.