Lanka Ella Waterfall

A hidden gem in the jungle.

This is a very beautiful but lesser known waterfall hidden in the jungle. It is located about 1 km away from the popular Bambarakanda waterfall. the height of the waterfall is about 30m.

When travelling in the Badulla – Colombo main road you have to turn to the narrow road at the left hand side at Kalupahana Junction. After travelling about 4 km in that road you can see the popular Bambarakanda waterfall at the left side. There is a small car park which you can use to park your vehicle. To reach the waterfall you have to walk into the jungle by following the foot path. That path directs to the Bambarakanda waterfall. Therefore you have to turn follow the path to the left side towards the Pine trees after reaching closer to the Bambarakanda waterfall. There you have to walk about 1 km via the Pine forest and a savanna. After walking about 500 m you can see the glimpse of the upper beauty in distance.

The cascade is surrounded by the mountain ranges and the greenish area covered by savanna and forests. The climate of the area is usually little bit windy and sometimes those mountains would cover by mist even during the day time.

Lanka Ella got that name due to the shape of its base pool.  If you pay more attention it is not difficult to identify the shape of Sri Lanka map in that pool.

That pool is deep and hence not advisable to bath there. This is a very nice place to visit a nature lover. But it is your responsibility to keep it unpolluted as it is.