Lankapatuna Samudragiri Viharaya is a Buddhist temple close to the historic Port of Lankapatuna, where Prince Dantha and Princess Hemamala arrived in Sri Lanka with the Buddha's Sacred Tooth Relic. The ruins are situated in the Trincomalee District, the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.

This picturesque temple can be reached from two easy roads. Travelers from Colombo can easily reach this place via Kanthale, Somapura, and Verugal. It is just a one and half hour ride. The other access road is from Trincomalee. When heading along Trincomalee Batticaloa highway passing Kinniya, Muthur, Thopur. It is just a two-hour ride.

This temple is located near the sea. This ancient Temple has been severely damaged by the civil war and tsunami, but the ruins of an ancient Dagoba, Korawak Gala, a pond, and other ruins of the ancient temple are still visible across the area.

The new bridge constructed recently has made the journey easier. Other than the temple site, there are several features that are touristically important. The beautiful sea beach with a lagoon, which is not shallow is a paradise for tourists. The beach with mild sand, the vegetation which is endemic to the area create an elegant view. The small thicket on which the temple is situated is also very unique. This place provides another experience to anyone visiting this place. That is the kind of Muslim ethnic that is very specific to the area. Their living is fishing. They only engage in lagoon fishing. We can also observe some unique differences in their language. It seems to be a special dialect specific to the area.

Although some important historical factors and landmarks have been damaged by L.T.T.E during the civil war, this location still has a wonderful historical value that is unsurpassable. Another advantage of visiting this place is the ability to visit some more places like Seruvawila temple, Sri Palamugar Hindu kovil, and Foul Point Lighthouse.