Lipton Seat

Among a lot of beautiful and attractive places in the central highlands of Sri Lanka Lipton Seat situated about 6 km away from Haputale acquires a prominent place due to its uniqueness, climate, and location. Riding through the lush tea estates of the Dambetenna group adds an experience apart. There are two accesses to this elegant place. The common access is via the Dambethenna group which is about 7kms. The other road to Lipton seat is via Punagala which starts from Bandarawela

Frequent misty climate with drizzle among green tea grove takes you to a heavenly feel. If there is a place in Sri Lanka from which you can view 5 provinces from one point, it is Lipton seat. All Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central, Southern, and Eastern provinces can be viewed on a clear day free from mist and fog. Sir Tomas Lipton who was the owner of this Dambetanna group found this place at the tip of a steep as a place of relaxing in the 1800s. The faint view of the southern sea stretching from Unawatuna to Kirinda can be easily viewed on a very clear day.

Vehicles ranging from Motorbikes to small passenger vans can be taken while big vehicles are not allowed due to the narrowness of the road. As the area consists of a cool climate quite similar to Nuwara Eliya and due to the abundance of hotel and restaurant facilities, the touristic value of this place goes higher daily. Anyone traveling and visiting this area can also visit the places such as Adhisam Bungalow and on the same root itself, Thangamale park can be visited. When going down Beragala road, you can have the exciting experience of the Beragala gap, Bambarakanda waterfall, and the beautiful waterfall Diyaluma. All these places are situated within a two-hour ride.