Maduwanwela Demesne (walawwa)

Sri Lanka is a country blessed with so many places that are historically important. Maduwanwela ancient Demesne situated in the proximity of Kolonna electorate, is a renowned walawwa that has been famous since royal times. This place can easily be reached via Galle, Matara, Embilipitiya, Panamure  or travelers can also take the road via Galle, Akuressa, Deniyaya, and Maduwanwela .The distance from Colombo is 210 km. The environment of the latterly said road is more picturesque. Although this was built by Maduwanwela Maha Mottola in 1700  during the time of king Wimaladharmasuriya, several expansions were done to the walawwa by the Maduwanwela Family. This  maha disawe called Wickramasinghe Wijesundara Ekanayake Abeykoon Mudiyanse Ralalage James Williams Maduwanwela was  a very charismatic person with a giant character. First he was the headman of Maduwanwela and later he was appointed Maha Disawe of Ratnapura District by then British Governor. Some available records and the remains of the foundation show that this building is said to have had 121 rooms. of which 9rooms, two courtyards (meda midula), a meeting hall, and a judicial hall can only be seen today. Almost all the walls have been constructed with sand, stones and clay on a very strong foundation, and a wooden frame fixed ceramic around the house which bears the weight of the roof can be seen

Certain floor areas of the mansion have been designed with pieces of plates, which have been studded onto the floor according to an art called “Mosaic”. At one point, one piece with the picture of Queen Victoria, which always gets trampled, can be seen. That was to show his anti- imperialism.

At the access gate, on the wall around the mansion, is a stone arch with beautiful carving.