Makeli Ella Waterfall

Very popular waterfall in Western Province

Makeli ella is a very popular waterfall in Western Province, Kaluthara district. This small beauty is created by a branch river Makeli Oya which belongs to Kalu Ganga.

This can be easily reachable from a main road. When travelling from Mathugama direction, you will meet Lathpandura. At Lathpandura you have to travel in Malkawa road towards Kelin kanda.

The road at the Kelin kanda area is also very calm and it goes via shady forests where you can feel a mild climate.

There is a stage constructed near the Makeli Ella Waterfall where you can have a nice view. But please avoid bathing at the base pool because of it is extremely dangerous. There were number of people who died at this location due to unexpected incidents when trying to enjoy with water at the aterfall.

Makeli Oya power station is situated closer to this waterfall.