Maligawila Buddha Statue

There are two iconic statues in Monaragala district about 8 km closer to Okkampitiya. One of those are known as the Maligawila Buddha statues and the other one is the Dombegala Avalokitheshvara Bodhisathwa statue. Both are located closer to each other having about 300m distance.

The Maligawila Buddha statues has a height of 36 feet. The statues is carved by a single limestone. It had being fallen and broken into three pieces when it was identified in 1951. At that period this area wad covered by the jungle and the statue was attached by the treasure hunters too.

The first attempt of reconstructing the statue was in 1974, which was not successful. The second and the successful attempt was in late 1980’s and the project was completed on 1991. It was an accomplishment of the engineers in Sri Lanka.

This statue was built during the  period of King Aggabodhi in 7th century.

To reach the premises you have to travel Buttala. From there take the road to Okkampitiya for about 9 km and from the Okkampitiya road turn to the Maligawila road. You may reach the location in about 8 km in that road.