Muthiyanganaya Temple

A popular sacred place in Badulla

This is a well-known temple in Badulla. The formal name of it is Muthiyanganaya Raja Maha Viharaya. According to the historical information Lord Buddha has visited this place in his third visit to the island. I had being happened with the invitation of a regional leader named Indika. At present he is believed as a god in that area.

There are 16 main sacred places of Buddhists in Sri Lanka and Muthiyanganaya is one of those places. The stupa at Muthiyanganaya temple has being constructed enshrining the hair of Lord Buddha by the above mentioned leader. That stupa had being reconstructed by King Devanampiyathissa who ruled in Anuradhapura era.

There is an annual festival attached to Muthiyanganaya temple known as Muthiyanganaya Perahera.