Pethangoda Bamboo Bush

This is a place located near Anguruwella. The bamboo bush at this location is popular due to its relationship for the death of King Rajasinghe II.

As per the historical information, King Rajasinghe II used this place to rest when he was on the way to the kingdom after having a war with the kandyan king. The king Rajasinghe II was pricked by a thorn of this bamboo bush which was lead to a wound. It had being unexpectedly got worst and resulted his death.

As per the history the royal Garden of King Rajasinghe II was located at this place. But at present we do not see anything other than two giant bamboo bushes, which are protected by the Department of Archaeology.

To reach this place you have to travel Anguruwella town. You can follow the map given below to get the directions.