Wawulpane Limestone Cave

The limestone cave having the only underground waterfall in Sri Lanla

This is an impressive limestone cave located loser to Kolonna in Rathnapura district. The Sinhala name “wawulpane” implies it is a cave populated with bats.

There is a water stream goes through the cave and if you need to go inside of the cave, it has to be done over that water stream. But you need to be very careful with slippery rocks and the poo of bats which make the situation worst with an increase slipperiness. Anyway it is possible to walk through the cave and come out at the other end, if you can manage with the slippery ground and the bad smell.

It is also possible to reach to the other end of the cave by walking over it. If you decide to walk over the cave, there are two main thing you can see.

  • Kiwul diya ulpatha
  • The start of the underground waterfall.

The kiwul diya ulpatha is a water fountain with hard water (eka kiwul diya). It is mysteriously having hard water only in this fountain while the surrounding water streams are having soft water.

There is a waterfall with approximately 30 m height inside this cave. It is the only underground waterfall in Sri Lanka. The location where water goes inside the cave is visible when walking over the cave. But it is not safe to get into the cave from that location.

It is also possible to identify the fossils at this location. You have to reach to the opposite end of the cave to see those. The fossils of the corals are really impressive.

To reach this location, you need to travel on Pelmadulla – Embilipitiya main road and then turn to Buluthota road at Thunthota junction. After travelling about 10 km you can reach to the narrow road to the cave. But the condition of the road is not much better at the latte part. You have to use a 4WD vehicle or any other vehicle having a better ground clearance. The option of having a three wheeler to travel the last few kilometers after parking your car at a side of the read is also possible.