Yalathenna Ella Waterfall

This is an unpopular but attractive waterfall hidden in the forests in Belihuloya

This is a medium size waterfall located closer to Bambarakanda waterfall. The soures of this waterfall is a water stream starts from Horton Plains. Since this is surrounded by forests,  the water in this water stream is very clean and crystal clear.

The pond in front of the waterfall is not much deep. Therefore it is a safe place to have a bath.

To reach this waterfall you have to follow the path to Bambarakanda waterfall and then follow the path towards pine wood just before that giant waterfall. You have top walk about 500m in that path where you reach to the point the path divides into two. The upper path goes to Yalathenna Waterfall and the lower path directs to Lanka Ella.

Please search in Gamana for more information about Bambarakanda and Lanka Ella waterfalls.