Bambarakanda Waterfall

The tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka

Bambarakanda… the number one in the height in Srl Lanka’s waterfalls. The height of it is 263 m. The water stream starts at the Horton Plains and creates this waterfall at Kalupahana.

To reach this you have to travel in A 4 main road (Colombo – Badulla main road). There is a narrow road at Kalupahana junction at the left side when travelling from Colombo. After travelling 4 km in that narrow road, this waterfall can be seen in the left side. There is a small car park which you can park your vehicle. Even though you can get a better view from the road, you can follow the foot path towards the jungle to reach closer to it. You need to purchase a ticket at the security point at the beginning of that foot path.

There is a nice stage with cement benches to view the waterfall. The pool in front of the waterfall is safe to have a bath.

The sad story is the waterfall is getting thin and limited to very thin stream during the drought. As we got to know the people who lives in the mountainous areas in the upper parts to the start of the waterfall use the water of this water stream for their plantations.

There are two other waterfall located closer to Bambarakanda. Those are Lanka Ella and Yalathenna Ella. Please search in Gamana to find the details of those.