Bambarakiri Ella

The scenic waterfall is located 500 meters from the Bambarakiriella bend on the highway from Rattota to Riveston. Entering the forest of the Dumbara Hills, you can climb up the. Riveston is most famous for its windbreak. It is also known as the Bataduwa Wind Breach.

Pitawala Patana is a seven-kilometer drive from Riveston. At about 700 meters you can see the small end of it and you can see further down. Sera Ella is the most beautiful waterfall of the Dumbara waterfalls. That waterfall is situated close to the village of Poththawela. When driving 6 km from Illukkumbura towards Puwakpitiya, you can go to the forest and visit the waterfall.

On the way back, you can see the Thelgamu Oya near the village of Ilukkumbura. There are several resorts located near the Thelgamu Oya and there is a government resort too.

Depending on the time and distance, you will have the opportunity to visit the Manigala, Wasgamuwa National Park or visit the Moragahakanda Reservoir. Bring back all that you carry. Save for the rest of the world to see this beautiful environment. Be aware of security.

By : Sandaruwan Priyanjana