Berendi Kovila

A Hindu Temple belongs to Seethawaka Kingdom

This is an ancient Hindu temple belongs to Seethaawaka Kingdom era (1521 – 1594 AD). During that period King Rajasingha II (also known as Seethawaka Rajasinghe) had become a Hindu and sponsored for Hinduism. This temple also build during the period he ruled. This is the best well preserved Hindu temple from that era.

Behendi Kovila is located closer to Avissawella and Thalduwa towns in Kegalle district. When travelling from Avissawella – Kegalle road towards Thalduwa, you can spot an iconic name board by the Department of Archaeological in few kilometers at right hand side. There is a narrow road of about 150m begins near that name board which directs to the temple.

This temple had built in a scenic land blundering Kelani River.


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