Bogoda Bridge and the Temple

This is an ancient bridge situated in Badulla district.  It can also be named as the oldest wooden bridge in the country which is belongs to the era of Dambadeniya kingdom (1220–1345 AD).

The bridge was initially built by wood without using any iron nail. But it had been repaired by the archaeological department. But there is no any damage had occurred to its ancient value.

The bridge is constructed above the Loggal Oya closer to the Bogoda Temple. According to the fold stories, it was the ancient Badulla – Kandy road which was used by the ancient Sinhala kingdom’s period.

The nearest town is Hali Ela and you have to drive about 5 km from Hali Ela junction towards Kandegedara to reach this bridge and the temple.

In addition to this bridge there is an ancient tunnel you can see at the premises of Bogoda Temple. Even though it is not accessible for more than few meters at present, according to the villages, the other end of that tunnel can be seen about 12 km away from that place and that opening is still much more accessible than from the Bogoda end.