The ancient statues at Wellawaya

This is an ancient Buddhist temple located closer to Wellawaya in Monaragala district. There are seven statues carved in a giant rock. Those are grouped into three sections and there is a large statue of Lord Buddha in the middle. It has a height of about 50 feet.

There are three statues at each side of the large Buddha statues. The statues of Awalokitheshwara Bodhisathwa and Goddess Thara are among them.

There are no much historical evidence to say who built these statues. But the archaeologists believe those are belong to the Anuradhapura era.

The remaining painted parts in the images provide an evidence to say that those images were painted in ancient periods.

To visit this location you have to travel about 5 km from Wellawaya in the Thanamalwila road. There is a name board at the right side of the road. The narrow road starts from there directs thos the location of the temple. You have to travel few kilometers in that narrow road as well. It is possible to reach there by a car. But you have to walk the last 200 m to reach the premises.