Dambadeniya is the third kingdom of Sri Lanka according to the documented history. As a result of moving the kingdom to the south eastern regions after the Polonnaruwa kingdom, king Vijayabahu II established this kingdom on 1236 AD.

Dambadeniya era was not much politically peaceful period in the country. The main reason was the attack by Kalinga Magha caused to the Polonnaruwa kingdom and the unstable political situation occurred in the country due to that attach.  There were few kings who ruled the country based on this kingdom. King Prarakramabahu II was the greatest king of this kingdom.

It was a kingdom based on a rock fort. The ruins can still be seen at the huge rock called “Maliga Gala”. In addition to that the royal temple named Vijayasundararamaya still functions as a main temple of the area.

Dambadeniya is a small town in Giriulla – Kurunegala main road. When passing Giriulla towards Kurunegala this town reached in few km distance.

Places in Dambadeniya

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