Dambadeniya - Ruins of the Kingdom

Dambadeniya is the third kingdom of Sri Lanka according to the documented history. As a result of moving the kingdom to the south eastern regions after the Polonnaruwa kingdom, king Vijayabahu II established this kingdom on 1236 AD.

Ruins of the Dambadeniya kingdom can be seen on a huge rock called Maliga Gala. This is situated about 1 km from the Kurunegala – Negombo main road closer to Dambadeniya town.

The ruins of the kings’ palace, the ponds they used are still exist in that location.

According to the folk stories, they have used this as a fort as well. You can view a larger ares from this location. The kings got it as an advantage during the politically unstable periods as a secure location.


This location had been renovated by the Department of Archaeological of Sri Lanka. You can easily reach this location by a car. It is not much difficult to reach to the top of the rock by using the ancient staircase. The top of the rock is a peaceful but windy location.