Kirindi Ella Waterfall

What a beauty....

This is one of the major waterfalls in Sri Lanka with a height of 116 m. The area where the waterfall stats is known as Kuttapitiya Mountain.

To reach this waterfall you have to travel in Colombo – Badulla main road (A 4). When you reach the Pelmadulla there is a road in the left side which is the access road for Gankanda Central College. It is not difficult to find that road if you would pay little attention since there is a name board for the school.

You have to travel about 7 km in that road to reach the waterfall. Even though it is possible to use a car, you need to be careful when driving since the road is narrow and having lots of sharp bends.

After travelling about 7 km you can see a name board at the location of the foot path starts to the waterfall. There is no car park at that location. Therefore you have to park it nearby the road at your own risk.


Just climb down about 50 m in that foot path to reach the stage constructed as a view point for the waterfall. It is possible to have a very good view of Kirindi Ella from that place. If you need to go closer to the waterfall there is about 200 m you have to get down in the narrow path. Please consider about your physical fitness because of it may not be an easy path.

As I got to know from the villages, the water stream which creates the waterfall will connect to Kalu Ganga.



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