Little Sri Paadaya

This is a scenic mountain with a height of 1141m. To reach this location, you should travel about 2km towards Passara from Ella town. Then you have to turn right and walk about 45 minutes to reach there.

The road to the top of the mountain is surrounded by tea plantations amidst the dazzling sunshine of the early morning fog. On one side, the rocky mountain top of Ella is also beautiful.

As you climb to the top of the mountain, there are no big trees on either side of the stairs, and the view from the top is very clear. When you go to the top of the mountain you can see the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

There are three mountain tops and these three tops can be traversed by difficult and winding roads. If you go to the top of this mountain in the morning you can see the sunrise in the morning sky. The sunset view in the evening sky is also a remarkable view..

Camping is not allowed at this location.

Unfortunately, the environment at the top of the mountain is already littered with polythene bags, beer tins and other stuff thrown by the visitors.So it is our responsibility to protect this beautiful environment and protect it.


Article by – Sandaruwan Priyanjana