Surathali Ella Waterfall

A beauty can be seen from the road....

This waterfall is located closer to the Colombo – Badulla main road (A4) and the upper part of it can be seen from the road.

When you are travelling in A 4 road towards Badulla, there are few kilometers you have to travel after parsing the famous Belihuloya rest house. There is a name board at the left site of the road to direct to the waterfall. You have to walk about 50 m to reach there. It is also possible to reach to the summit of it by following a foot path toward the jungle.

This waterfall does not have a pure vertical shape. It flows over an angle shaped rock. This 50 m tall beauty has pure cool water because of that water stream comes via the virgin forests in Horton Pains. This is one of very few waterfalls having very easy access from road

Surathali Ella